• Co-op processors are specially trained staff who provides support for our diagnosticians, speech therapists, and related service staff.  Each processor is responsible for the accuracy of reports and student records for their appropriate campuses.

    Mrs. Rachel Petty:                 Fairfield 
                                                    Co-op Office 903-389-3372 ext. 234
    Mrs. Mary King:                     RF Tracker, Mildred, Dew, Dawson 
                                                     Co-op Office 903-389-3372 ext. 225
    Mrs. Shelly Chambers:          Kerens, Wortham, Frost
                                                     Co-op Office 903-389-3372 ext 251
    Mrs. Jennifer Holstein:          Rice, Blooming Grove
                                                     Co-op Office 903-389-3372 ext 231
    Mrs. LaDonna Mullen:           Co-op Office 903-389-3372